A Poor Man’s Armorz
A Poor Man’s Armor
burlap paper plaster
found wood and rope
street sign

one piece alone cannot be armor
only when the individual parts are leaning on each other
can they become a strong, impenetrable piece of defensive weaponry
in this unit, remnants of ordinary material become strong flexible safe

The Fighting Chameleon

Instead of a bio note
a touch of randomness,uncharted territory that brings
peculiar thrill; thinking out loud
why is it necessary to explain what has been created?
shouldn't the act of creation suffice?
​politics: search for  the magpie parliaments
It looks like a piece of jewelry but how do you even wear it?

We like old things;
individuals who have long departed, yet their stuff endures
The “I don’t want to destroy it” paradox: the moment that an impulse threatens a pre-planned creation with no going back.
how can i dress small bursts of violence and frustration into a playful style?