*Here are some curated workshops that I am offering, but you can always contact me with your own ideas for a piece.

A. Repair your own jewelry: a hands-on experience.
You won't just observe; you'll actively participate in restoring your own pieces. By the end of the workshop,
you'll not only have successfully repaired your jewelry,
but also gained a deeper understanding and appreciation
for the craftsmanship behind each piece.

To kickstart the process, participants are requested to send in photos (see email below)
of 3–5 pieces of silver jewelry requiring repair. 
This facilitates assessing the complexities of repairs
and customizing the workshop to fit individual needs.

After a quick overview of the basic tools and their functions,
the assessment of techniques and tools required for each repair will take place.
Additionally, we'll explore how broken pieces
can be transformed into new, revitalized designs.

Each participant will have access to a range of professional tools and equipment
and up to 10 grams of silver.
Any extra materials will be available for purchase in the studio.

Over the course of approximately 3 hours
(depending on the number of pieces and complexity),
step-by-step guidance suitable for beginners will be provided.

The workshop is designed for 1–2 people,
ensuring personalized attention and ample opportunity for hands-on learning.
Instruction is available in English, Italian, and Greek.

Duration~ 3 hours

Price 140€ / person


B. Mediterraneo - Plastic Evolution
Discover Beauty in Transforming Beach Plastics into Precious Jewelry

Jewelry has a rich history rooted in the use of locally available materials,
such as seashells, bones, and teeth, by early humans.
They instinctively crafted adornments from their immediate surroundings,
much like we will with plastic waste.
Today, Mediterranean beaches, among others, are burdened with plastics, posing a significant environmental challenge. As we confront this ongoing issue, I see an opportunity to make a choice—to creatively use what we have and rethink our settled views.
There's no need to seek preciousness from afar; we can create it with what we have at hand. Can we reshape our perceptions of beauty and value?

Join me for an inspiring workshop where we breathe new life into discarded plastics from the Mediterranean Sea, crafting them into stunning, elegant jewelry.



Work directly with handpicked plastic pieces from my collection, each item thoughtfully selected over many years.

Learn silversmithing techniques to design and craft your own stud earrings, ring, or pendant, infusing personal style with eco-conscious craftsmanship.

Engage in discussions about beauty, value, and sustainability, reflecting on how our surroundings influence our artistic expressions.

This workshop transcends jewelry-making; it's about redefining our perceptions of preciousness and beauty in a world grappling with plastic pollution. By the end of the session, you'll not only have a unique piece of jewelry but also a fresh perspective on materials and their significance.

The workshop is designed for 1-2 people, ensuring personalized attention and ample opportunity for hands-on learning. Instruction is available in English, Italian, and Greek.

Duration4-6 hours 

Price 280€ / person


C. Long term individual courses (min. 3 months)
Sketchbook Building and Creative Focalization
A key aspect of my teaching approach is the practice of sketchbook building, focused on specific subjects to enhance knowledge and refine the creative process. Through structured assignments and exercises, you will learn to channel ideas effectively, deepening the understanding of your artistic journey.
Creative Expression Through Traditional Metalsmithing
I am dedicated to nurturing creative expression also through traditional metalsmithing techniques. I guide students to tap into their artistic potential, fostering the creation of unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry and wearable art. 

Material Experimentation
I encourage students to experiment with found objects and diverse materials, expanding their creative horizons while promoting sustainable practices. Inspired by the principles of Arte Povera, this approach emphasizes resourcefulness and ingenuity, contributing to more environmentally conscious and innovative practices.

Duration3-6 months

Priceto be discussed individually


Terms & Conditions

Payment methods

Payment can be made via bank transfer with invoice. Instructions will be provided upon registration.
Please ensure payment is completed before the workshop to secure your spot.

While thorough guidance on using tools safely is provided, accidents can still occur.
By joining the workshop, you acknowledge that your participation is at your own risk.

Workshop Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancelling More Than 5 Days Before the Workshop:
You'll receive a full refund or can choose to reschedule for another session.

Cancelling 5 Days or Later:
Unfortunately, refunds aren't available, but you can still reschedule or transfer your registration to someone else.

By signing up for the workshop, you agree to abide by this policy.

The Fighting Chameleon

Instead of a bio note
a touch of randomness,uncharted territory that brings
peculiar thrill; thinking out loud
why is it necessary to explain what has been created?
shouldn't the act of creation suffice?
politics: search for  the magpie parliaments
It looks like a piece of jewelry but how do you even wear it?
We like old things;
individuals who have long departed, yet their stuff endures
The “I don’t want to destroy it” paradox: the moment that an impulse threatens a pre-planned creation with no going back.
how can i dress small bursts of violence and frustration into a playful style?